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Spectacular and chaotic, different and chaotic, authentic ... and chaotic. There are multiple adjectives to define it, but the second is often repeated. A complete error, because the bewilderment seeks to be ordered to become stable, while this place has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.


The carelessness of the fact that the Fez medina is chaos has to do with experiencing a space of such complexity and so far removed from our conception of the urban that we do not know how to assimilate it. A design so fascinating and inabarcable that all the visits that are dedicated are necessary, but never enoughResultado de imagen de la medina de fez



¿What is a medina?


Although literally medina (Arabic مدينة or madīna) means city, the word has finally defined the old city of Islamic cities, formed by a wall that protects it and an organic and complex development, although it also had defensive foundations ( To which he attempted to attack would find it difficult to orient himself), his deeper reason was to put the individuality of the Muslim to higher orders.



Describing the medina of Fez means talking about the history of the oldest capital of the country: founded more than 1200 years ago on the right bank of the river that now crosses it, soon after it would extend to the other bank. There were many changes of government that suffered, so that its development, to reach more than 300 neighborhoods and 9000 alleys, was added numerous transformations, with special emphasis on the rebuilding of the walls.


And although this is the original, known as Fez el-Bali, 500 years later another one was built right next to it, called Fez el-Jdid, in which all political power was concentrated, later moving to the entire Jewish community in the medina Original and that grew exponentially following the fall of the kingdom of Al-Andalus.









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