Tour to Córdoba from Málaga

Tour to Córdoba from Málaga whit CostAfrica, Visiting the mosque, the synagogue, the roman bridge & the jewish quarter...



Cordoba was founded by the Roman "ClaudiusMarcelus" in the year 152 BC. The city reached itsartistic and cultural splendor during the Araboccupation (711 to 1236 when it was reconquered byChristian armies) and is unique in the world for itsArab and Jewish memories. During the tenth centurywas declared the capital of "El Andalus" reaching the status of the Caliphate in 929 Abderrahman III reign.The mosque / cathedral has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO .





We will pick you up at your hotel or place of departureand continuation to Cordoba. On arrival sightseeing tour of the city and after the walking tour with entrance to the mosque / cathedral and synagogue.Walk through the Jewish quarter where we will see its typical streets and courtyards of flowers, and the Roman bridge.

Lunch (optional) and free time, in the afternoon returnto the place of origin.







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